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SPECIAL SERVICES is available immediately and at all times to secure and protect your assets, be they family, employees, sites, vehicles or other valuable items.

SPECIAL SERVICES provides full investigative services whether for protective intelligence purposes or litigation support.

SPECIAL SERVICES uniquely delivers logistical planning and ancillary support for special events and extraordinary situations.

Established in 1974 and directed by board-certified protection professionals, SPECIAL SERVICES has protected hundreds of dignitaries, officials and executives as well as sites, high value items and unique situations.

Contact Special Services – (800) 421-1801 (24 Hour Line)

Since 1974, SPECIAL SERVICES has been the trusted resource for confidential, reliable and discreet services for hundreds of its clients. SPECIAL SERVICES has conducted thousands of successful operations since its founding. The range of services provided includes security, protective services, investigations, event logistics and crowd management.

SPECIAL SERVICES is available 24 hours daily to respond to your emergency situation, unanticipated need or exigent circumstance by calling 800-421-1801 where an trained and experienced agent is on duty to provide a solution to your situation. If your matter is less urgent, you may also contact SPECIAL SERVICES via e-mail at info@specialservices.us .

Security Services

Protective Services

Investigative Services

Crowd Management