About Us

Since 1974, SPECIAL SERVICES has been the trusted resource for confidential, reliable and discreet services for hundreds of its clients. SPECIAL SERVICES has conducted thousands of successful operations since its founding. The range of services provided includes security, protective services, investigations, event logistics and crowd management.

SPECIAL SERVICES has provided these services to a vast array of governments, corporations, non-governmental organizations, hospitals, law and other professional firms.

Among its non-classified protectees are presidential candidates, ambassadors, other foreign dignitaries, corporate executives, celebrities and stalking victims.

A leader in home health care security, SPECIAL SERVICES developed a protective protocol for home health practitioners a quarter of century ago which it continues to refine and execute today.

By locating missing witnesses, developing critical, actionable intelligence and securing admissible testimonial and physical evidence, SPECIAL SERVICES has provided its legal clients with ethical litigation support that has been demonstrable in the clients’ success.

Olympic Games, national political events, association and trade conventions, major parades and large running and other special events all have benefitted by utilizing SPECIAL SERVICES.

SPECIAL SERVICES is fully insured for bodily injury, property damage, contractor and employer liability, personal injury and errors and omissions by insurers who have at least an “A” rating by A.M. Best.

SPECIAL SERVICES is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. Through a network of affiliated agencies, SPECIAL SERVICES provides the same discreet and highly skilled services throughout North America and Europe.