Investigative Services

Investigative Services

The objective of any investigation is to gather facts so that a resolution of the complaint and situation can be achieved. SPECIAL SERVICES utilizes ethical protocols, professional procedures, and modern techniques with advanced technologies and specialized skills to locate, identify, and produce admissible and probative evidence in support of litigation.

Nonintrusive Investigative Protocols

SPECIAL SERVICES will use low-key techniques to gather information initially. This is particularly effective in cases where subject history and observation of subject behaviors will lead to the discovery of additional evidence.


Surveillance of persons or sites can reveal information otherwise not obtainable and is used in conjunction with comprehensive investigation techniques.

Background Investigations

Whether for employment purposes or witness location, SPECIAL SERVICES can develop pertinent information through open sources and restricted databases.

Field Investigative Protocols – Interviews and Searches

SPECIAL SERVICES will conduct interviews with witnesses and others effectively in order to uncover crucial information. Searching, whether for property, people or information sources, will often lead to critical information and material evidence.

Service of Process

SPECIAL SERVICES is experienced in the service of process anywhere in the world. As an adjunct to full litigation support, SPECIAL SERVICES has expertise at locating and serving legal documents to the proper party in a timely manner.

Other Forensic Services

SPECIAL SERVICES can conduct a full array of other forensic services in support of its investigative mission.

Expert Witness

For over 35 years, SPECIAL SERVICES agents have served as expert witnesses in many diverse areas for both the plaintiff and defense bars.