Crowd Management

Logistical Coordination

From the beginning of the event Special Services has experts to help you develop a plan that will address all the concerns of large crowds.  From venue, to ingress and egress routes to guest safety your event will have the right people in place to ensure a safe and successful event.

Site Security

Both overt and under-cover agents are available to work the venue to ensure all guests are safe and have a good time.  Specially trained agents who are skilled in crowd control, access control, safety, cursory searches, etc are used.

Traffic Control

Nothing can ruin an event faster than guests waiting in long lines to enter or leave.  Special Services are experts at quickly dispersing traffic jams and getting your guests into the event and back home safely.

Parade Marshalling

Special Services has served as the Marshal of hundreds of parades.  Our team are experts at communicating, organizing and maintaining order and readiness in parade units.