Crowd Management

Crowd Management

“Crowd Management” are the techniques used to manage lawful public assemblies before, during and after the event for the purpose of providing an incident-free experience. Since 1974, SPECIAL SERVICES has ensured hundreds of events proceeded to their scheduled conclusion without a security incident precluding it.

Environmental Design

SPECIAL SERVICES plans every event it undertakes with the totality of the environment designed toward the safety, security, comfort and enjoyment of the participants. Utilizing a multi-disciplinary approach, SPECIAL SERVICES will coordinate with all stakeholders to provide the necessary services and supplies to ensure a successful event. This is accomplished in part through coordination with event planners, site managers, authorities having jurisdiction, and drawing upon nearly a half century of experience.


Whether an outdoor festival, parade, run or other special event, SPECIAL SERVICES will provide the experienced management, trained and qualified personnel and execute the plan to accomplish the sponsor’s goals.

Marshaling & Traffic Control

Special Services has utilized its expertise in planning, scheduling, communications, organization and execution for hundreds of events including parade marshaling, traffic management and event logistics.